Workshop led by Hillel Kogan

The materials of my creations are gathered and brought together in a process that begins with improvisation. As a performer and choreographer I am intrigued by the meeting of virtuosic movement and virtuosic improvisation using text, writing and vocalization. Text and movement are performative tools through which I observe social and political phenomena. Alongside this, I endeavor to speak about the art form and the choreographic tools themselves. I am interested in questioning conventions regarding the stage and the dance form, choreographic methods and processes, dancers and the essence of the act of dancing. I am drawn to the deal with what is culturally conceived as scary, human and ridiculous. In my workshops, we experiment with different tools that I draw upon during my creative process. We extract various strategies that I work with, identify their mechanisms, explore them and apply to them new content that is relevant to the participants. We will question the medium itself and the artistic and social conventions surrounding spoken word and body.

Next workshop or Classes :

27-30 December 2018, Gaga and Ohad Naharin Repertoire, Berlin, Germany.

24 January 2019, Cambrai, France. Gaga/people.

April 8-12, 2019, Aveiro, Portugal, Gaga and Naharin repertoire workshop