Obscene Gesture

Obscene Gesture was originaly a piece for 5 dancers. Kogan made a solo adaptation to this piece in 2013 and since then performs the solo version.

The piece deals with the "cliches" of the dance-theatre genre, and takes a parodic form while examining the realtionship between spoken word and dance movement.
The first part of the piece is a "Dada style" poem, illustrated by minimal movement. The second part of the piece is a dance to the sounds of a recorded story- a story of a dream in which Kogan discovers that some of his body parts are missing, including his penis, and in which Pina Bausch, the late High-Priestess of expressionist dance, is appearing. In his choreography, Kogan uses quotes from some of Pina Bausch most known pieces, such as Cafe Muller, The Rite of Spring, and others. 

Premiere: Curtain Up Festival, Tel Aviv, 2011
choreography: Hillel Kogan
performed by (full version, 2011): Karmit Burian, Inbar Namirovski, Osnat Kelner, Eldad Ben-Sasson, Hillel Kogan.
Duet version (2013): Karmit Burian , Hillel Kogan
Light Design: Uri Rubinstein
Musical Editor: Jeremy Bernheim
Artistic Advisors: Ronit Ziv, Ella Rothchild
Costumes: Evelyn Terdiman