a reversed evolution voyage, from cultural to barabarian.
through an ironic point of view, I take the stereotyped role of the ugly Israeli male figure, and the stage becomes a hedonistic celebration of power and of impotence.
The piece opens in a formal manner, and turns into a chaos of impulsive emotions.

" Kogan's piece has everything in it….and especially a wild artist with anarchistic tendencies, cynical, funny, satirical and a dancer with thrilling expression abilities….energetic…brilliant dancer and choreographer….subversive artist who challenges his public with thematical richness…genious and political….he is more exciting as a performer than most of the dancers in Israel…what an explosive potential…" 

(Ora Brafman, DanceTalk, December 7, 2008)


…"Kogan ran wild as we haven't seen in long time, with absolute freedom…it was intoxicating, amazing and hilarious, with an extraordinary climax….from then on the energy did not stop, lost direction and control…"(Zvi
Goren, Habama, 10 december 2008)

Choreographed and performed by : Hillel Kogan
Premiere: Curtain Up Festival, Tel Aviv, 2008
Artistic Advisor: Michael Gurevitch
Music: Shoshana Damari, J.P.Rameau, Blasted Mechanism
Costumes: Evelyn Terdiman
Light design: Uri Rubinstein